Non-Alcoholic Drinks of the Mercado Area - Analysis

Non-alcoholic Drinks of the Mercado Area

With a few exceptions, I suspect the ingredients for these will be mostly available.  I will organize these into two categories; can make and common.  The common drinks I will skip.

Can make:

achocote [DONE]: in Hidalgo, water flavored with corn and unrefined brown sugar
agua: or agua fresca: sweetened water of many flavors, each flavor often with its own name (see jamaica, chía, and horchata)
alfajor: in western Mexico, a sweet drink based on coconut, almonds, honey and other ingredients
atole [DONE]: an important Indian drink; basic atole: is water mixed with ground-up toasted corn tortillas or ground-up toasted corn kernels.
batarete: in Sonora, an atole of ground, toasted cornmeal, coarse brown sugar, water, and salt
bate: in coastal Jalisco and Colima, a pungent drink made of the toasted, ground-up herb called chan (Hyptis suaveolens), sweetened with honey
cacao: a festive chocolate drink; one traditional recipe contains ground chocolate, corn, lima beans, and anise, beaten to a froth
chía: sweetened water flavored with the herb called chía, which is a kind of sage of the genus Salvia
chileatole: in central Mexico, a salted corn atole flavored variously, for example with green chili, sweet corn, squash-plant shoots, and epazote(Mexican tea)
chorote: in Tabasco, a cold drink prepared from cooked corn, ground toasted cacao, and sugar
cuajada: a very thick drink based on milk; like liquid yogurt
horchata: sweet emulsion of water with finely ground almonds, or sometimes ground melon seeds or rice flour; often flavored with acid pulp of the tamarind pod
jamaica: tea of hibiscus blossoms, water, and sugar
jocoatole: in western Mexico, an atole of black corn flavored with ground squash seed and salt
nieve: ice-drink coming in many flavors, especially fruit
: or pinole: an emulsion of corn and water, usually sweetened and flavored with cinnamon, anise, etc.
piznate: in Nayarit, a corn and water drink flavored with unrefined brown sugar and cinnamon
podzol: in Tabasco, prepared by stirring ground, sprouted kernels of corn into cold water; flavored with salt and chili
pozol: corn paste mixed in water, often sweetened or salted, and variously flavored
sangrita: in western Mexico, a mixture of orange juice, sugar, ground onion, chili, salt, and vegetable color
tescalate: a combination of masa, cacao, cinnamon or chile, and achiote (



café: coffee
cidra: cider
gaseoso: commercially bottled soda drink
jugo de naranja: orange juice
leche: milk
“refreshment”; usually refers to a commercially bottled soda
: tea

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