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Months ago, I found an awesome website that listed a large number of the interesting alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are common in Mexico, particularly in the vicinity of the mercados (markets) of various regions of the country.  Tragically, I lost the link and spent a couple weeks searching to get it back.  Once I had retrieved it, I vowed never to lose it again.  Thus the birth of this blog.

Alcoholic Drinks of the Mercado Area

Non-alcoholic Drinks of the Mercado Area

I have been around Mexican food for much of my life.  As a child my gringo parents were friends and occasional business partners with the owners of a Mexican restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest.  This afforded me plenty of opportunities to surround myself in a culture deeply steeped in food and drink.  The problem was, this culture was very “other” and while I was comfortable within it, I never seized the opportunity to truly experience it.

As an adult, I’ve regretted this missed opportunity immensely.  For some reason, upon moving to New York City, I found myself deeply missing Mexican food.  There is plenty to be found in NYC, but much like the rest of the United States, its quality is very hit and miss.  I’ve found myself sniffing out the best-of-the-best restaurants and taquerias, and on off days leaning heavily upon the cookbooks of Rick Bayless and Diana Kennedy.

One area that seems to lack information online is the topic of Mexican beverages.  There’s plenty of info about tequila and mezcal, and recipes for aguas frescas (pictured above).  But what about tesguino or chicha? Atole or pozol?  That’s what I hope to explore with this blog, and I hope you’ll join me as I explore and learn.  Hopefully a lot of the disparate information scattered across the web can be collected into one place.

This is that place.


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