Before we start...

For starters, this blog will mostly center around the lists (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) I mentioned in the previous post.  However, before I can start, I need to differentiate between the beverages I am able to make, and those that I am not.

There are a variety of reasons why I might be unable to make a beverage.  Looking at the list of alcoholic drinks, the main barrier I’ll encounter is lack of ability to distill alcohol.  I’m in a 500 sq. ft. apartment, and even if I had the equipment to distill, I seriously doubt I’d be able to arrive at a workable finished product.

Another barrier is access to ingredients.  A few of these, such as nochotle for example, require pulque.  As far as I can tell, this is an ingredient that is unavailable to me State-side.  Though, we shall see… 

In the posts to follow, I will deconstruct the two lists to better analyze which recipes I think I will and will not be able to make.

Note: Another link I should keep an eye on: Diccionario de bebidas tradicionales de México (Spanish)

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  • Ann

    Evan, do you have the recipe for palenquetas (pumpkin seed candy) that you mentioned in the recipe for Achocote? Would you mind sharing it? You could send it to this email–Thanks!

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